My American Experience!

My American Experience Well, where do I begin? I’ll start at the very beginning. I was 18 year old girl who was obsessed with the film “Bend It Like Beckham”. I  wanted to go to America to play soccer at college. August 2012, stood at the departures in Heathrow with a copious amount of nerves […]

16 September, 2021

Preseason for College Soccer Players

What Happens During a College Soccer Preseason? In this blog, we will explain and show you what it is like to experience “Preseason” as a College soccer player in the US. When players hear the phrase “Preseason“, they normally think of exhausting fitness tests in the heat and not a football in sight! Whilst there […]

5 August, 2021

Packing for College – What to Bring!

Packing for College and beginning a new adventure in the US is a little daunting, but also very exciting! As I write this blog in mid-July, 2021, many of our Athleticademix athletes are just days away from going to America. But beneath all the excitement and anticipation, there’s one last thing we need to help […]

19 July, 2021

National Champions for College Soccer Decided!

Yesterday, Monday 17th May,  saw the crowning of both the Women’s and Men’s Soccer NCAA Division 1 National Champions! The finals took place at the WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina (pictured below). First up was the women’s championship match between the Florida State University ‘Seminoles’ and the Santa Clara University ‘Broncos’ (California). Both sides came into the […]

18 May, 2021

Graduation Day in the US!

Graduation day in the US is a big deal! Every year during the month of May, hundreds of thousands of College students complete their studies and receive their diploma. It’s a combination of celebrating an achievement and marking the next step in a person’s life. While most students will be saddened to know that their […]

4 May, 2021

Costs at College: Four Ways to Reduce Them!

Four Ways You Can Reduce Your Future Costs at College! In this article, we’ll explain the various ways in which you can reduce or limit your outgoing costs to attend university in the USA. A common misconception is that whatever scholarship and remaining costs you’re presented with for the first year will remain in place […]

10 March, 2021

Academic Support for Student-Athletes!

Academic Support for Student-Athletes! Every student’s ultimate aim is to graduate on time with the degree of their choice. For student-athletes, it is essential to demonstrate strong organisational skills and time management in order to succeed academically as well as in their sport. The life of a College athlete is a busy one! You will […]

3 December, 2020

10 Biggest Sponsorship Deals in College Sports!

College sport is not just a staple of American culture, it’s also a multi-billion dollar industry! Some of the country’s biggest universities, such as the University of Texas at Austin, generate revenue of around $182 million per year from sports alone. The vast majority of this revenue comes from American Football. ‘Gridiron‘ attracts huge crowds […]

21 November, 2020

7 Unique College Soccer Stadiums!

Who doesn’t love to see something different from time to time? In this article, we are looking at 7 of the most unique College Soccer stadiums in the USA! We are not judging them on size or whether or not they’re newly built. Instead, we have made this list based on what makes them stand […]

20 October, 2020

Injury Prevention and Medical Care for College Athletes

Injuries are part and parcel of life if you’re an athlete. We all know and accept that, at some point in our sporting careers, we will be forced to miss training or competitions/matches. But whilst it is something we all accept can happen, we endeavour to do all we can to prevent it. College athletes […]

21 September, 2020

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