Requirements to become a College Athlete in The U.S!

Are you wondering what your GCSE results mean for you? Continue reading below to find out what options you have available! To be eligible for four year universities in The U.S you are required to pass a minimum of 5 GCSE’s, including Core Subjects (English, Maths, Sciences). You’re then required to attend full time education […]

25 August, 2022

Gear Day – Christmas in August!

“Gear Day” is one of the best parts of preseason for arriving or returning athletes. Let’s face it, student-athletes are royally spoiled and kitted out with everything needed for the year ahead. But this is just one of the perks of being a college athlete! Fall sports teams, such as Men’s & Women’s Soccer, Rugby, Volleyball […]

3 August, 2022

Schools out for summer….what to do!?

Summer Break! What can you do? Something all students look forward to is summer break! After a year of studying and competing in your sport, a well earned summer break is always welcomed. There are so many options for you to take up during your time off. Typically, the semester will end at the end […]

13 May, 2022

Student Athlete, to Coach, to Athleticademix!

Where has the time gone!? Wow, I can’t quite believe it has been two years since I returned home to England, after spending the most amazing 8 years in America! When I left England in 2012, I could never have imagined that I would have ended up staying in The States until 2020. Going there […]

9 March, 2022

My Time in New York City – The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

There’s no place like it! New York was a place I’d always wanted to go and visit. I was coming to the end of my fourth and final year at Florida Southern College in Spring 2012, when I was invited for an interview at St. John’s University. There was an opportunity at St. John’s for me to join […]

4 February, 2022

Home For Christmas!

Home For The Holidays! Every year, one of the most exciting things was the countdown to coming home for Christmas! Even 9 years later I remember coming home for Christmas for the first time! Leaving in early August time for pre season, with all the goodbyes and emotions of leaving, it was always in the […]

21 December, 2021

Our Showcase Event!

Going to America as a Student Athlete There are so many different reasons why becoming a College Athlete in The US appeals to so many around the world. For me, it was the chance to go to America and play soccer at the highest level I could, whilst earning a degree and meeting people from […]

29 October, 2021

My American Experience!

My American Experience Well, where do I begin? I’ll start at the very beginning. I was 18 year old girl who was obsessed with the film “Bend It Like Beckham”. I  wanted to go to America to play soccer at college. August 2012, stood at the departures in Heathrow with a copious amount of nerves […]

16 September, 2021

Preseason for College Soccer Players

What Happens During a College Soccer Preseason? In this blog, we will explain and show you what it is like to experience “Preseason” as a College soccer player in the US. When players hear the phrase “Preseason“, they normally think of exhausting fitness tests in the heat and not a football in sight! Whilst there […]

5 August, 2021

Packing for College – What to Bring!

Packing for College and beginning a new adventure in the US is a little daunting, but also very exciting! As I write this blog in mid-July, 2021, many of our Athleticademix athletes are just days away from going to America. But beneath all the excitement and anticipation, there’s one last thing we need to help […]

19 July, 2021

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