The Process Of Becoming A Student-Athlete In The U.S!

The process of earning a scholarship and becoming a student-athlete in the U.S can be overwhelming! We want to ensure you that you aren’t alone during the process, and we are here to help make it as enjoyable and as smooth as possible for you, and your family, from start to finish.

Regardless of when you start the process, whether that be during Year 11, Year 12, Year 13 or even in a gap year, everyone’s process and timeframe is different. You might know someone – team-mates or friends – who are currently in the process as well but try not to compare your journey to theirs, as there are so many different variables that come into play for each individual.

Trust The Process!

There is no set timeframe on when an athlete should begin the process, start speaking to coaches, receive offers or commit to a university. It is our job to guide you through each step of this exciting process and we will ensure you have exactly what you need for each milestone!

Some people may make their college decision earlier than others – but there is no right or wrong, neither is there a set deadline. To put this into context, some of our student-athletes have made their decisions (committed to their university) as far as a year in advance of when they’re heading out there. Others have made their decision three months before going – and everywhere in between these time scales. It’s whatever works best for each individual – trust your own process and trust our experience and guidance.

Relax, enjoy the process and see what amazing opportunities unfold for you…all in the right time!

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