Athleticademix – Service Costs

What are the service fees for obtaining help from Athleticademix? Is it possible to pay in instalments? Why do I need the help of a sports scholarship consultancy?


The Athleticademix service cost is £2,250. This is a one-time fee in that we charge for our guidance and help, not for the level of scholarship you eventually receive. We do not take a cut of the scholarship, or any fees from US colleges. A client will pay Athleticademix no more than £2,250 for their services. The service fee is charged at the beginning of the process. NCAA and NAIA regulations dictate that scholarship consultancies must not charge after they have found a student-athlete a school. Doing so would make the agreement a professional contract and college athletes are required to remain amateur before and during their college careers.

*Please be aware of any other companies that offer services that go against these rules as it could damage your eligibility and prevent you from competing in the US!

The Athleticademix service fee is non-refundable once we have started the process, begun working on your athlete profile and sent you the initial informational guides.

Clients may pay for the services in the full amount or can opt to split the cost in to monthly instalments as follows:
2 months: £1,125 per month.
3 months: £750 per month.
4 months: £562.50 per month.
5 months: £450 per month.
6 months: £500 for Month 1, then £350 per month for remaining 5 months.

*Payment plans are flexible! Athleticademix are here to make it as simple and manageable as possible, so speak to us!

Athleticademix begin working with you immediately once the first payment comes in, whether that be a full payment or the first instalment of any monthly plan.

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