About Athleticademix

Athleticademix is ​​a sports scholarship consultancy based in the UK. David Fletcher is the company’s Director, with additional support from Sport and Administrative Consultants, Mark Scarbrow and Karen Scarbrow.

About Athleticademix – Meet the Team

Here we will talk about Athleticademix and who is responsible for assisting student-athletes through the college recruitment process. The company’s Director is David Fletcher, with support from Sport and Administrative Consultants, Mark Scarbrow and Karen Scarbrow. In addition, Director in Sweden, Robin Hals, works with Scandinavian players.

David Fletcher – Director, UK

Before founding Athleticademix, David attended Florida Southern College between 2008 and 2012 where he was recruited to join the Men’s Soccer team in NCAA D2. During his 4-year college career, he was named team captain. Concurrently, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminology and graduated with a 3.85 GPA in 2012.

Gaining comprehensive experience in the recruitment process, David then served as a Graduate Assistant coach with St. John’s University Men’s Soccer team (NCAA D1) in New York City between 2012 and 2014. Whilst simultaneously earning his master’s degree in Sport Management from St. John’s, he was part of a team that qualified for the NCAA National Tournament in both seasons he was involved. Moreover, as a Graduate Assistant, one of David’s roles was to identify potential new players. For instance, this was achieved through attending recruiting events and reviewing video footage sent in by recruits. Subsequently, his extensive network of college coaches and understanding of what they’re looking for has developed significantly. Athleticademix clients working with David will obtain access to an immeasurable amount of contacts in the US.

Athleticademix David Fletcher

David Fletcher, Director of Athleticademix

Mark & Karen Scarbrow – Sports & Administrative Consultants, UK

Another crucial component to the Athleticademix service is the expertise and knowledge provided by Mark Scarbrow and Karen Scarbrow. Both have had children that have been student-athletes in the US. They are a fantastic resource for players and parents alike, in addition to offering first class administrative guidance and support throughout the recruitment process. Having worked in recruitment for more than 25 years, Mark’s experience includes a stint with the Premier League as Chief Careers Adviser where he assisted more than 70 players to the USA. In addition, a large number of student-athletes have been assisted as a result of Karen’s expert administrative guidance since 2007.

Robin Hals – Director, Scandinavia

Likewise, the same services are offered by Athleticademix to Scandinavian student-athletes, which is where Director, Robin Hals is based. Having represented North Carolina Wesleyan College Men’s Soccer for one year before moving to North Park University in Chicago, Robin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

In short, more than 250 former clients have been placed at schools all over America, including prestigious institutions such as Clemson University, University of Southern California, University of Connecticut and many more!

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