Catch Up With Dan Pugh- Freshman Year Reflection

Catch Up With Dan Pugh- Jefferson College Men’s Soccer

It’s the time of year when athletes return home for Summer break! This week I caught up with Dan Pugh, who has just finished his Freshman Year at Jefferson College, in Missouri. Dan is originally from Reading, England, and joined Jefferson College Men’s Soccer in August 2023.

Dan’s Freshman Year Reflection

Here is what Dan had to say about this experience so far-

How did you find the transition/settling in, during pre season? 

Settling in was obviously a very new experience for me, especially being on the other side of the world to my family and friends! The one thing that helped me massively was the fact that I wasn’t the only one going through it. There were a lot of other Freshman in the same boat as me, as well as older boys on the team who had experienced it already. We all helped each other as much as possible. My coaches also made me feel welcome from day one and helped me whenever I needed it, which really helped too.

Jefferson College Men’s Soccer 2023/2024

What was your favourite memory from the Fall season? 

My favourite memory so far is most likely scoring my first collegiate goal! The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming. My goal also helped us go on and win the game, against a higher ranked team. That was a great feeling and the vibes after the game were the best they can be!

Overall, away from day to day College/Soccer,  what has your experience in general been like?

Spring break is something that every athlete looks forward to. It’s a week-long break and some time off with friends- away from college and training. Myself and my friends went to Chicago for the week. We went to an NBA game and did some sightseeing! It was really nice to get out and experience different parts of the country. Although you do travel a lot for away games, you don’t always get to see what the cities/towns have to offer in full.

Who are you closest to on the team and where are they from? 

I’ve met so many people from different countries including Japan, Brazil, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Ireland, Australia and South Africa- to name a few! I have loved every second of getting to make new lifelong friends, from different cultures, that are pursing the same dream as me.

Now it’s time for Summer at home, and then onto Sophomore Year…

Finally, do you have much planned whilst you’re back home and what are you looking forward to the most about going back to JeffCo in August? 

Obviously it’s lovely to see my family and friends again after being gone for a while. I’ll be spending as much time with them as I can. We’re going to Royal Ascot, horse races, so that will be fun! My family welcome a new puppy whilst I was in America so I will be spending a lot of time getting to know her too. I would say the thing I’m most looking forward to is being back in pre-season training! There aren’t any lessons during this time and you train every day in amazing facilities, with nice weather!

It was great to be able to catch up with Dan and hear all about his experiences from his first year.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, Dan. We’re excited to see what the next year, and on, holds for you!


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