Rugby at College in the USA – A Sleeping Giant!

Rugby should be enormously popular among American fans and players given their enormous sporting culture. It requires teamwork, tremendous athleticism, physicality and tactical awareness. For fans, the thrill of a seeing big hits by flankers and mazy runs from speedy wingers is becoming more popular. The rise of the 7’s format in the US has also led to more interest in the 15’s game.

The scholarship system in the USA provides talented athletes with an unique opportunity to combine their sporting and academic talents and maximise their potential in both. Among the fastest-growing sports in the country, game is now at a point where College coaches can regularly look to recruit players from abroad.

Whereas most other male College sports remain governed by the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA, USA Rugby is organisation that oversees competition and development for College Rugby. However, Women’s College Rugby is governed by the NCAA.

Today, more than 30,000 players (male and female) compete in the College Rugby system, with approximately 900 universities fielding varsity and club teams. Players have the opportunity to compete regularly, with both 15’s seasons and 7’s seasons taking place throughout the year.


Penn State Women’s Rugby player in action

Scholarships and Funding

While College Rugby is not as heavily funded as some other team sports, such as Soccer, Basketball or Track & Field, there are numerous opportunities to receive financial aid to help with your university costs. Read more on Costs at College here.

Scholarship funding can be provided by some universities, based on your competitive level and the opinion of the coaching staff. This is likely to cover part of your costs, but other ways in which your fees can be reduced include the following:


College Rugby Facilities


Facilities at UCLA

College athletes gain access to world-class training facilities. In addition, you will also benefit from full-time, professional coaching and an incredible network of support staff, including but not limited to:


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