College in the USA – A Parent’s Perspective

Written by Karen Scarbrow, Head of Administration at Athleticademix & Mother of Athleticademix Director, David Fletcher

David first raised the subject of going to College in the USA on a sports scholarship back in 2007. I wasn’t sure how to react. As a mum, the prospect of my son travelling thousands of miles to live and study was almost unthinkable!

At first there was an ever-growing list of questions to be answered. However, he was a determined young man and together we were keen to examine all possibilities. As a parent, it felt unnatural to be encouraging my son to fly the nest quite so drastically. On the other hand, who would honestly want to deny their child such a fantastic opportunity? Or something that could potentially change the course of their life in such a positive way? It became clear that not only was it achievable but that it was something he passionately wanted to pursue and attending College in the USA was his goal.

The process seemed daunting at times to say the least! But, undeterred, he eventually settled on a college in Florida (Florida Southern College) and the countdown began. The day we first waved goodbye to him was possibly one of the hardest I can remember and, I won’t lie, the first few weeks were tough from my perspective.  We’ve always been very close, and it felt strange to be unable to see or speak to him every day.   In those days we didn’t have the luxury of FaceTime or WhatsApp, so I had to settle for a weekly Skype call.

College in the USA

David and Karen in Clearwater, Florida, the day after his Graduation.

College in the USA

As much as I missed him, it became clear that he was settled and thriving in his new environment. (Read more about  – College Life in the USA). As a result this gave me increasing reassurance and comfort. I relished the regular updates about his progress, athletically and academically, and felt so proud of his achievements.

In conclusion, I knew early on that he would make the very best of going to university in the USA. Therefore, it compensated a thousand times over for any sacrifices involved – emotional as well as financial. He developed and grew in leaps and bounds in terms of confidence and maturity, far more so than he might have done had he studied at university in the UK. David’s address book went global as he trained, played, studied and socialised with peers from all over the world. Consequently, he now enjoys an international network of friends who will I’m sure remain close for many years to come.

To learn more about both Karen and David’s roles at Athleticademix, and how their experience can help your family through this exciting process, click the link –  About Athleticademix


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