How to Put Together Your Tennis Recruiting Video!

In order to strengthen your Athleticademix profile, we will need to add match/training video footage of you so that college coaches can see you in action and assess you in more detail. *The vast majority of college coaches will only be interested in seeing match footage, but some practice clips are fine to add in as well.

We’d advise using a computer/laptop to do this – please don’t use your phone (this limits the quality and can affect the size of the playback screen when watched on a laptop in future – making it harder for coaches to assess you). You can use iMovie or Windows Media Player for this, or you can find other apps online if preferred.

Once you’re happy with your clips – please send them as a file to me via email. If your file is too large to send in an email, we recommend sending it via or WeTransfer.cominstead (for free).

Below is some further tips and an example of what your video highlights should look like:

Click here for an example of how your Tennis highlight video should look!


If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you!

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