When is the Best Time to Begin the College Recruiting Process?

The answer to this is simply “Whenever you feel 100% ready and committed.” However, you should be aware of how timing can also affect the process and the options that become available to you. Read more on our blog below: “College Recruitment in the USA – Your Timeline”

8 March, 2021

What is a Scholarship? What Can it Cover?

There are multiple types of scholarship funding available within the US university system! Athletic, academic, international…. Read more about what they all mean and what can/can’t be covered through scholarship funding by clicking the link to our blog – “Scholarships – Explained in Detail”

8 March, 2021

How Old Do I Have To Be To Earn a Scholarship?

In order to be eligible to begin university studies in the US, you must have completed full-time education in your native country. So, in the UK, this is up to the age of 18 and usually means completing and passing A-Levels and/or BTEC or IB courses. For Danish students, this would be age 19 once […]

8 March, 2021

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