What if I get Injured or Sick While in the USA?

The medical support and resources available to student-athletes in the US is second to none. Before setting foot on American soil, you will have health insurance set in place that will cover you for any eventuality, both in sports and in everyday life. The bottom line is that you will always be looked after and […]

8 March, 2021

Will I Receive Academic Support While Studying in the US?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, as a student-athlete, you receive even more support than regular students do. All student-athletes have access to tutors and academic advisors, who will help with course planning and maintaining strong average grades throughout your degree studies. Read more on this blog about “Academic Support for Student-Athletes”

8 March, 2021

What Can I Study at University in the USA?

The short answer is: “Anything you like!” There’s approximately 400 ‘majors‘ in the US to choose from. Read our blog below for more information on what’s available… “Degree Courses – What Can You Study at College?”

8 March, 2021

What is Accommodation Like on a College Campus in the US?

Our blog “Accommodation at College – Living on Campus” will give you a great insight into daily life as a student at an American university!

8 March, 2021

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