2023 Men’s Showcase – Coaches information

We would like to invite you to be a part of the 2023 Athleticademix Men's Showcase.

2023 Men’s Showcase – Coaches information

We at Athleticademix want to welcome you as a staff to our first combined Men’s Showcase. On the 3rd of December, we will gather all of our Swedish and UK clients to play a showcase game in front of coaches.

This will be an event where there will solely be players that are signed up with Athleticademix. That being said, all participants on the event have fully decided that their next step will be to play at a men’s soccer team in the US.


The players on the showcase will be looking to enroll 2024 & 2025, we might have a few selected 2026’s. The players will be from all over the United Kingdom and from Sweden, they will play in combined teams to create the best possible event.

Depending on the numbers, we will decide on whether to play a tournament or a longer showcase game. We have the pitch rented from 9AM-1PM on the Saturday. The plan is to make the most out of the day for maximum exposure for the guys.

As a coach, we want you to be at the pitch no later than at 10AM, that is our anticipated start time for the first game.

Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre


The showcase will be held on the 3rd of December at the Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. The venue is located north-west of London and is approximately a 30 minute drive from Heathrow International Airport and 45 minute drive from Central London. Depending on the weather we will play either grass or hybrid pitch.


This link will take you to the guys that have signed up for the showcase. We will start send out invitations late august. Please be aware, that these guys are in the process right now and can be committed up until the day of the event. The players listed are the ones who have notified us that they will be of attendance at the event if they are still uncommitted. If you would like to initiate contact with any of the players beforehand, please message us and we will connect you. You can also find a list of all of our available player on this database. 

Invite only

This is an event where you are invited as a staff to participate, it is an invite-only event. There will be no cost to attend the event, but you are responsible for your own cost of travel.

If you would like to participate in the showcase, please fill out this form below. When filling out the form, you will be receiving an e-mail from your contact person at Athleticademix. This person will stay in touch with you and be of assistance to you before, during and after the event.

Please only sign-up for the event when you know for a certain that you will be in attendance. We are announcing the schools to the participants, so they will be expecting you in the crowd.

Men's Showcase sign-up sheet for Coaches - Dec 2023

Men's Showcase sign-up sheet for Coaches - Dec 2023

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